You Make the Caption Happen!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Show off your creativity, win a prize, bask in the glory. What could be easier or more fun? Look for the KBR Link Caption Contest post on the “All Company” Yammer page. Submit your caption in the comments section along with the hashtag #captioncontest by September 1, 2020 at 4:30PM Central Standard (Houston) Time. The winning caption will be selected based on creativity and number of likes. Each quarter, the winner will receive a prize, and their caption will also be featured in the next edition of KBR Link. Remember, please keep the comments respectful, professional and appropriate. Please limit submissions to one per employee, and don’t forget to use #captioncontest with your caption!

Send Us Your Photo

If you have a KBR-related photo that you would like considered for next quarter’s caption contest, please email the photo to: or you can click below.

Well Done!

Congratulations to Visagai MCK — the winner of the first KBR Link Caption Contest! And thank you to all who participated. There were a lot of clever and creative submissions. You can read them all on the “All Company” Yammer page.

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