Virtual Connections Drive Innovation

KBR Communities of Interest Recognize Employee Expertise, Foster Solutions and Create a Competitive Advantage

People form communities to establish a sense of belonging and pursue common interests or goals. At KBR, our Strategic Solutions team has established Communities of Interest (COIs) to bring together subject matter experts from across the company to connect, network and collaborate.

These experts come from all three KBR business segments — Government Solutions, Energy Solutions and Technology Solutions — as well as corporate functional areas, such as IT. KBR COIs are internal, virtual forums maintained primarily through Microsoft Teams, where members problem-solve, leverage capabilities and solutions, and access professional development opportunities. There are ongoing collaborative conversations, presentations and resources available to members. Most COIs also conduct monthly virtual meetings so members can interact directly and participate in presentations given by internal or external speakers.

“The collective expertise and reach-back these communities provide creates a competitive advantage for KBR,” said Vernon McDonald, Senior Vice President, Strategic Solutions. “By developing and cross-pollinating solutions and raising awareness of our capabilities, COIs contribute to operations, sales and business development.” Today, there are seven technical COIs that focus on key capabilities, such as artificial intelligence, cyber and cloud computing. Additional communities are expected to be created this year. The communities typically develop organically around topics applicable across the enterprise and to the overall business strategy.

The target audience for each community are the subject matter experts in that field or a related field, and those who directly support them. There are no official membership requirements, but there is an expectation that all participants will actively contribute since collaboration and knowledge sharing are the communities’ foundation.

Learn more about each COI by visiting the KBR intranet. For more information about joining a community or if you have ideas for a future COI, please contact Dawn Jordan, Senior Director of Strategic Solutions.

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